A few things missing from Cubase 8?


So all in all I’m really pleased with Cubase 8, some very nice features (chords, render in place, spectrum analyser on each channel are genius) however- I think there are a few things missing or at least hidden;

Edit in place- where’s the button to edit a midi channel in place without having to open it in a new window? It’s gone!
Renaming a track, I had setup shift > enter which would rename the channel as well as the part, can’t find that option anywhere now…?

I think there are other things I’m missing or just not used to after Cubase 6, but I will get back to you… :smiley:

Edit In Place is there. But the Track Controls are hidden, for some mysterious reason. Right-click and add the Track Controls you want.

Renaming a tracc (block not whole channel) should be possible on top left of status bar, where also the bit res etc is mentioned. All the way to the left the part name should be mentioned, which can be double clicked and altered.

Hope this helps.

Still can’t find this mate? Any chance of a screenshot!

p.94_ operation manual