A few things that Cubase absolutely NEEDS

NOTE: I’m not the most experienced Cubase user, so some of these features might actually exist, there’s a chance that I just don’t know how to go by them.

  1. Ghost Notes (as in FL Studio)
  • This is great for unexperienced piano players (myself included). Would make life hell of a lot easier for me. Ghost Notes are almost the same concept as with “Midi Reference” in VariAudio 3. Except with all MIDI
  1. Always on top feature for ALL windows in the program
  • !!!
    I can’t even stress how important this is, and I’m baffled that it’s not yet a feature. “Always on top”, which is on some Windows in Cubase, is for an example lacking with the MIDI editor. I found this out when I tried to press Chords at the same time as looking at my notes in the MIDI editor. Every window should have this!
  1. Chords shown in MIDI editor
  • So with the introduction of Chord Tracks a few updates ago, it is, for me, very out of touch with everything that I’m doing. It would be more helpful if it co-operated with the “Always on top” midi editor, so that when I press a chord, I can directly and easily see which notes are supposed to go where, and perhaps, that way, I can swiftly create my own chord progressions. This “Chord” feature would also be fantastic if it were made with the “Ghost notes” in mind. So that you could take a Chord, and directly make Ghost notes out of it. Basically would make Cubase much more user friendly, and would increase workflow
  1. Switching between Drum and MIDI editor inside the same window, as is possible in Groove Agent 5.
  • This one explains itself. Drum Editor should not be seperated from the MIDI editor. It’s incredibly impractical. Being able to shift between the two would make laying drums for beats A LOT easier. As is it now, it’s kind of confusing to go around
  • Drum editing is much harder than it needs to be in Cubase.
  1. The ability to directly play other pitches within a sample from the MIDI editor/drum editor.
    Now, I don’t know if this is on Cubase’s behalf, or if it’s more related to either Halion or Groove Agent. So, there’s probably a difficult way to go about this, but it would be easier, if you could play the semitones of a sample within ex. Groove Agent (and record it). By this, I mean, let’s say I have a hi-hat. A hi-hat will, in trap music, at times need pitching (for the effect). So let’s say I have a sample within Cubase. When you are in Groove Agent, the keyboard will react to the seperate samples located on seperate keys on the keyboard. I’d very much like a feature where you could go in, within the sample, and play different semitones on the keyboard. So basically, the option to switch the DAW’s/Groove Agent’s focus on a simple pad, and multiple pads.
    Focus on 1 pad/key = Can play all sample semitones on keyboard with that specific sample
    Focus on all pads/keys = Samples will play when triggered by the key/pad they’re assigned to

It’s best to put your ideas for features in their own individual thread.

  1. Ghost Notes. Not being able to see the notes of other parts in a part was one of the main reasons I never made the switch to FL all them years ago. The initial idea was already in Cubase, an essential feature for many. A few of my friends were using FL but I couldn’t cope with it missing. They did have work arounds but it was a pain.