A few thoughts on the Instrument Editor

Firstly, thank you for the fantastic 5.1 update. A lot of loose ends tied up. Dorico feels much more polished now. So, kudos to the team.

When making a variant of an Instrument, I would like to be able to set the Variant name for the original Instrument the variant was made from.

As an example: I want to make some custom Instruments for Mandola. There are two types, one tuned as a Viola hereafter called Alto. The other tuned an octave below the Mandolin hereafter called Octave.

I create the Alto from the Mandolin as a new instrument. I then create a variant from the Alto for the Octave. I set the variant name for the Octave to GDAE which gives me what I want in the Instrument Picker.

But for the Alto, in the Instrument Picker I get Fretted Instruments > Mandola > Standard tenor banjo tuning. Not very helpful or desirable.

This leads me to my other thought. Could we please have a way to name the tunings? Especially custom ones not factory defined. In the above scenario, I could at least custom define the tuning to something more useful to me.

Thank you for your consideration and Happy Holidays to all.


Thanks for the suggestion about allowing the main instrument type to have a variant name. This is a reasonable request, and we’ll think about it.

Likewise, it’s also a reasonable request to be able to provide a name for fretted instrument tunings, so we’ll consider that too.


Thanks Daniel, much appreciated as always.

Hi Daniel, This relates to another post of mine a couple of days ago, but is there a way to delete unwanted custom fretted instrument tunings? I don’t mind going into the xml file if I know where to find the appropriate entry, if that is the only way. Thanks and Merry Christmas!

I’ve not had a chance to dig into your other thread, but I will do so. Please don’t bump that thread in another one. Thanks for your patience!