A few thoughts regarding synths and interop

First of all: I LIKE Cubasis and I think that it is REALLY useful.

I use it for songwriting with my band, Visions of Atlantis, and for killing time on the train (I’m an avid user of public transport) all the time.

But… there is ONE thing which really annoys me, and I think it should be fixed.

Cubasis is, for all practical purposes, mostly a pure audio multitracker with a few workstation style MIDI sounds an a good, but somehow limited, vintage style subtractive synth

I know, I know… IAA and Audiobus.

However, both lack total recall as well as multiple instances of apps - and both limitations really make me not use them at all. Ok, it’s nice to play around with Nave or iProphet, but the very next time the project file is opened, all the sounds and everything are gone.

This is an absolut no go, this makes IAA and Audiobus totally unusable for all practical purposes I can imagine.

I have quite a few synthesizer apps, but I don’t see any way I can really use them with Cubasis, because as soon as I close the project, the project basically doesn’t exist anymore. :frowning:

Let me give you an example about the workflow when writing songs with my band:

I have a cheap “wedding entertainer” style keyboard at the place of my guitarist, one of those EUR 200,- devices. Now, to have more workstation style sounds than the integrated micro Halion, I actually record what I play on the keys not as a MIDI track, but as audio.

And I think that the iPad has the potential, but it isn’t properly used, to support both total recall as well as multiple instances of apps…

Yup agreed. Cubasis is excellent. But for recording synths IAA and Audiobus are cruel jokes. It will probably be years before they are useable.

In the meantime I would hope Steinberg will invest in some top quality -integrated- synths for Cubasis. Even if they are delivered via IAP.

VST for iOS even, but delivered in-app.

Which is so true.

As long as one stays within Cubasis, the iPad is really useful - but doing something as simple as using Waldorf Nave or something similar is a big administrative hell.

What is really necessary:

  • Full, uncompromised total recall
  • Arbitrary number of instances per synth / effect

Right now, for all practical purposes, I consider IAA / Audiobus non-existant. It’s just too much hassle and not “integrated” enough.

How am I supposed to reopen a session, seriously… :angry:

I agree with you, however none of this is actually a Cubasis issue… the app can only use what features are in the o.s.

If the synth can support midi in, and support saving presets, and can support PC messages for patch changes, then it can be setup via Midi from cubasis… think thats the best we can expect for now…?

I know all that, but Steinberg should have a look at how Auria or Tabletop handle things.

I agree with your assessment! I too feel ive been struggling to integrate external sound sources with many apps including CB and it always falls apart! On the whole I get more satisfaction from staying within one environment… Although the sonic palette suffers. I suppose the makers of the big synthesizers see them more as stand-alone instruments for use with desktop or laptop machines?
So yes please, better sounds… Or an internal sampler which can use SF 2 maybe?