A few Wavelab Pro 10 items to address

Hi there, Justin suggested I visit here and reach out to PG to address a few functional issues that are either oversights on my part, bugs, or potential feature upgrades:

  1. I have discovered that the File Browser panel in WLPro10 does not automatically display all valid audio formats to open from the panel (drag-and-drop, etc.). I made this observation using my normal Audio-Edit-Mode workflow, which is not in Montage - simply opening a file from my drive. Usually my work-files are .wav format and appear in the File Browser normally. However, I needed to import an .mp3 recently and it did not appear in the panel. Thus I assumed I needed to import and convert to .wav to get it to open for editing (via import/unknown audio). That turned out to be a mistake, because when going through that process and setting what I thought were standard .wav import settings (44.1, 16-bit), I ended up with garbled white noise upon playback. Thus…

  2. For any import procedure, the system needs to automatically analyze the source file; and if import settings can negatively affect the proper playback and editing of that imported file, it needs to warn the user before proceeding that they may end up with ‘garbage’.

It’s clear to me that there are no problems when using the standard file-menu “Open” command. So I can do the import without any further procedure. But the problem is the inconsistency in the UI experience. It should be seamless and intuitive between the File menu and the File Browser.

Hope this is useful.

You have to use this setting:

In which exact import situation do you get “garbage”?