A few workflow suggestions

Let me first say congratulations on Cubasis, it’s really a nice app. Wasn’t sure about the price but I was very curious, glad I got it, quickly became one of my favorites.

I have a few questions/suggestions on some smaller workflow things:

-Duplicating data:
a duplicate button, next to the copy/paste, that allows you to duplicate whatever data is selected and automatically put it directly after the selection. Unless I’m missing one of the tools, there is no way to quickly duplicate a lot of data and when I try to copy/past a lot of times it will copy the entire track plus the instrument.

  • Metronome options:
    it would be very helpful to be able to set the metronome to be on during record only instead of always on or always off. So you won’t have to keep turning it on and off if you don’t want to.

  • Key and Drum Pad activation:
    would be nice to have the option in settings so that when you choose an instrument or drum kit it it will automatically open the keys or the drum pad after you close the browser. Instead of having to close the browser and open the keys/pad every time.

Again, these are some small tweaks that I think would make a lot of impact workflow wise. I wouldn’t consider them bugs, just small tweaks to the creation process. :slight_smile: