A Ghost Town

All, Remix of “A Ghost Town” is ready for your pleasure.
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For those who want to compare (Thanks Renel), you can find the old version here : Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online.

Difficult to put into words what the listening experiance is with this music…I would respectfully say…extremely interesting, because you never know whats coming next, this piece has some spectactular sounds and the percusion is to die for, stunning work!

Thank you so much knmack. True that I’m always trying to keep the attention of the listeners.
Happy you enjoyed the drums/percs.
Take care

It sounds really, really good.

While listening to the piece, there are a number of musical reminders that arose in memory. The first minute reminded me of Laurie Anderson’s Mister Heartbreak album. I even took out my old vinyl to listen to it again. Without knowing it maybe, you have a lot of musical affinity with her. Another reminder is that of the tone and playability of Korg’s Wavedrum instrument. The way some percussion sounds evoke this auditory memory.

I really like this alternation of emotionally charged moments that suddenly become more refined.

Excellent production!

Hi Rene.
I do know Laurie Anderson, off course because of Superman… but i wasn’t aware of Mister Heartbreak. Thanks for this wonderful discovery. She really is a creative person. Love her work, absolutely!
Regarding your WaveDrum remark, I’m using a Logdrum , which fully inline with the Korg instrument.
Happy you have enjoyed “A Ghost Town”. Thanks a lot.

Vert surprising sound. Differents textures, choices of instruments… You’re mixing lot of differents genres, and this is not an easy task, but it may be your style. From ethnic percussion, jazzy basses sometimes, electro sounds and a delicate orchestration. One thing I didn’t feel right in m’y personal opinion, is the main melody…or maybe was it your intentions, or maybe the instrument choice.

Great work! Keep it up…

Thank you Kenneth, for your time & kind words. Yes the melody (or whatever) is composed such way by design : it’s a ghost town…

I like this one a lot. I was trying to figure out the differences. They are very different. The new version is longer and more delicate in places, which I like better.

Hey Leon,
Yes, as i was clearing and cleaning the track, couple of things just opened, and i didn’t resist to do some changes. I think that your word “delicate” spots on my intentions.
Really happy you enjoyed.

Hi Stephane,
Another nice job of re-working something. This came out really well. You’ve always got a lot of “moving parts” in these compositions, and they always fit together very nicely. Do you have anything new in the works?

Hey John, Thanks for your time listening.
Regarding the new works, well… I’m closing on the full remix of OverLand. I’m now in the middle of the last track, which will close the album and is a kind of “bonus track”. It will be probably done mid August. Then, i have to think to find what will be the key thread of the next works.
Thanks again for your support.