A global option not to allow dotted rest on beat

Dear users and developers,

As far as I remember, there must be a global option not to allow dotted rest. However, I cannot find it now.
Could you give a hint on how to do it?
I do not want to have dots in the following situations:

I am sorry for my bad memory, and thanks in advance!

If there is an option, it’s not global but flow dependant. In notation options >note grouping>rests. Not sure it will apply in every meter though.

Thank you.
There is no option for this.
In the following screenshot, I added some options for this as an idea:

It would be nice if these options are implemented.

Sorry, I was somewhat wrong in my post, the option would be in Notation options>Rests. There are some options, but as I told you, they do not apply to every meter.

Thank you very much, I checked the options, but it does not affect. Dorico needs to the options which I suggested in the picture in my previous post.

It’s in Notation Options / Note Grouping.

But if you set the maximum number of dots to 0, you also disallow dotted notes, unless you use force duration to create them.

Yes, I know this option.
I need it only when the rest comes before a tied note.

If you ask the wrong question, you get the wrong answer.

Sorry I wasted my time trying to be helpful.

Please forgive me for wasting your precious time. It’s my fault.
I didn’t know if the question was wrong.

I apologise to you for my stupidity.

Your question is not stupid. There is a notation option for disallowing dotted rests, but it operates on different rhythmic strata than what your examples desires. Dotted rests within the beat are usually desired, though I understand you do not desire them. The notation option in Rests you were referred to really only deals with dotted rests larger than the beat. In both of your examples, the dotted 8th rest and dotted quarter rest are smaller than the beat, and thus the dot is allowed.

Currently, there is not a Notation option for what you are looking for in simple meters. The most elegant solution would be using Force Duration when needed. You could remove all dots entirely, but this has other issues, as suggested.

Yes. It would be great if Dorico provides such options. Doing it manually is not productive…