A Good Day To Die!

Today Is A Good Day To Die!

GRRR GET IT! :imp: :fire: :supervillain:

What we have here is a bit of a crushed master of a fun Klingon-inspired track, which I compressed @ ~245kbps as an MP3 preview.
I hope you like my first track on here.
I don’t expect much feedback, but please drop a word if you like or don’t like. We’re all learning. I’m afraid I went a bit mad with the highs due to my hearing problems, which are intermittent. So I’d like to know what you think of it spectrally, too.


I didn’t do any spectral analysis, but to my ear, the presentation was a bit harsh-maybe the song title and Klingon reference made that intentional. Not sure if that harshness is what you were referring to when saying you’d gone “a bit mad with the highs”.
I also found the “lows” distorting a little in my speakers, while what was functioning as a bass part got kind of lost… I think it needed a bit more space in the mix was needed. Perhaps some more dynamics?
It’s a different type of music than I usually listen to, so my thoughts above could easily be invalidated by someone more keyed into what you’re doing. Just letting you know how it hit me. It was nicely melodic in spots, and well played/constructed, but the Video game music aspects became the most dominant impression for me.
Hope this might help in some way, and please keep making the music that you love.

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Thanks for the reply, John!
Yeah, it’s meant to be harsh and destructive, but I may cool it down a bit. I had individual saturators on the four separate bands. It’s also very much dynamically crushed, so I’ll probably alleviate that slightly too. It is actually targetted to video game devs. So it has to have a certain feel. I just play keyboard and get inspired, mostly, though. Or distort some “live” drum pattern I created and go from there. The tracks I love, personal tracks, take much longer to create and mix and are usually “harder” and rhythm-driven. This only took me a few days, 3 or 4. I don’t usually conform to genres, unless I’m specifically creating a genre-specific track where people expect certain things. But I’ll have a go at anything.
Thanks again, John!