A good Delay Plug in....

From multi-band compressors to convolution reverbs, Cubase really have some amazing plungins except when it comes to the delays. “ModMachine” is more of a modulator effect and to me belongs in the modulator section so I will not count that, but if we look at just the delays we get 3 very basic plugins, a mono, a ping-pong and a stereo delay with very limited features. I think a beast out delay plugin with a ducking feature and other modern functionality would be awesome to compliment all the other beast out plugins in Cubase. I just think the delays (which are essential to professional sounding mix) aren’t getting enough attention.

Not to nullify your request, just a remark: You do know Cubase’s delay’s support ducking through sidechain for quite some time?

I never was a fan of the ModMachine.

The delay effects have been abandoned for too long considering how popular an effect delay is in electronic even electroacoustic music. I would like a really lush sounding delay but for now I use Native Instruments Guitar Rig for that. If Steinberg would take a look at those delays, I think they could get an idea of what Cubase users would like in a new delay unit.

Thats ducking through sidechain… Im talking about a better delay with a “duck” button on the plugin itself. One click and done instead of a creativity killing patch work for a simple feature. But yes I do know about the sidechain way.

+1. Absolutely. This is the one obvious plug-in everyone needs/uses. Just a dead simple delay. Basically, just cut the Stereo Delay plug in half.

Yes internal ducking would be cool, like e.g. Imperial Delay.

Cubase already has more than one… you just have to know where to look. And the answer is… in your distortion plug-ins!

  1. Switch Quadrafuzz into SB (single band) mode. Make sure drive is set to zero, so no unwanted crunch. Then hit the delay button. A panel opens up with a lovely, simple delay… complete with knob to determine the amount of delay ducking.

  2. Alternatively, fire up VST Amp Rack. Make sure there’s no amp etc selected (unless you actually want one). Go to pre or post effects (doesn’t matter which) and there’s a simple Tape Ducking Delay in there.

Why Steiny didn’t make these bits available as discrete plug-ins in the Delay category, I have no idea.


They could add some more features to make it more musical. I just got Waves H-Delay. I would describe the Cubase Stereo Delay as utilitarian in nature.