A grace note display bug? (flag doesn't connect)

Hi, I noticed some strange behavior happening to the first note of a group of grace notes in a condensed passage. In this example, two flute instruments are condensed and the first grace note doesn’t connect to the flag in engrave mode. The grace notes are placed on the following bar with the option “Grace note before barline” enabled. A page break happens just after the grace notes. Any idea if it’s a bug or perhaps I’m doing something incorrectly…? Thanks!

EDIT: Ah, it appears the natural on e added via the condensing process didn’t take account of the flag length and didn’t extend it automatically. When I manually place the e natural to the grace note on the Flute 1 staff, everything appears just fine in Engrave mode. It’s a very small thing, but maybe the algorithm behind condensing in regards to this could be improved.

I can’t reproduce this problem in a new project. If you can cut down your project to a minimal case that reproduces the problem, we can look into it further.