A graphics related question inside Cubase

Hey guys,

I need some help making my graphics run a little smoother. I have attached a video to show you exactly what my problem is. When I have both the gate plugin and the spectrum analyser open, the graphics lag and glitch really badly. When I close the gate plugin, the graphics run much better.

My question is, will a better graphics card fix this?

I would run the Audio Performance meter with each running singly, then both together and get an idea of whether it’s CPU load or graphics driving the issue. What’s your system specs and graphics card?

I’m on the 27" iMac 2017. It’s a 4.2GHz Quad-Core i7
AMD Radeon Pro 580 8GB

No, the GPU is not the bottleneck here, it’s the plug-in. Get in touch with the developers of the plug-in and file a bug report.

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How do you know it’s the plugin?

Experience. If you close a plug-in editor and the UI is smooth afterwards it is always the plug-in.

Okay, but wouldn’t closing the plugin interface ease the load of the GPU and therefore make the graphics smoother? I just tried the gate plugin by itself, without the spectrum analyser plugin and it worked as expected. It’s only when I have both open at the same time, the graphics lag pretty badly.

Then both plug-ins are troublesome. I bet that both plug-ins wait for the monitor v-sync signal on the main thread which then slows down everything. A new GPU won’t solve this issue. The plug-ins need to be updated to work correctly and not wait for the v-sync signal.

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Interesting. Well I guess you saved me some cash because I was thinking about buying a new Mac with better graphics. Cheers man.

Your system should be able to handle what you’re doing. I think Arne is right, file a bug report with plugin vendor and use something else in the mean time, if possible.

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Cheers guys. Appreciate your input!