A grateful user

I come home, a melody wells up in me, and I decide to start the computers to write down the notes.
A piano quintet. I arrange the vsti’s (CSSS and Steinway VSL), Expression map for Csss from DKO22, David (thanks for your generosity to share it), and I start writing.
A feeling of gratitude overwhelms me. The ease with which the notes can be placed, giving a certain note a swell…, yes, so it has to sound,
a punctuated note, always a small barrier, super smart solution in D5, and:
I can devote myself to the music, writing the notes, making notes sound almost automatically.
A small writing problem…, OK, found, solved…
I want to let you know: I am a rich man that I got to know Dorico, that I had the opportunity to purchase it (and also the VSTI’s), and the music flows.
Thank you, Dorico team, thank you to all the people who help others on the forum, of course, nothing is perfect in this world, but people are helping each other to move forward.
Dorico is a good thing in this world!


nothing is perfect in this world but people help each other to move forward… it would be written in every classroom, in every workplace, everywhere