A great first start!!!

I feel the need to throw some compliments towards the development team and the Dorico…

There are issues, and as the software is used more and more, people will see more and more issues until the bugs are rectified. But here are some things I have noticed over the last few hours of use:

  • The output appears to be good. I have not printed anything yet, but on the screen the notation is very nice. It looks better than Finale, and certainly better than Sibelius. I can see the detail that went into the engraving side of things. Very well done!!!

  • The work flow is DIFFERENT!!! Coming from both Sibelius and Finale, I expect to use certain keys. For me, I expect to use the command key (on Mac). However, it is the shift key in Dorico. I attempted to input a score last night - nothing too fancy. I have done about 1/4 of the score in Sibelius, and I am moving noticeably faster using Dorico (despite the different work flow). Fast enough to recognize it, but it still takes time to input. I can’t tell you the times I hit command+(up arrow) trying to move up an octave, to see it do nothing. Then realizing that I need to hit command+alt+(up arrow).

  • Playback seem a little odd to me. However, it works, and certain thing sound very good. Still trying to figure part of it out. Hitting play starts, but figuring out how to play just a section, or starting at a different point is taking me some time.

That’s about all for now. I am impressed with many things in the software up to this point, and am certainly looking forward to were it goes.


Well said. BTW, hitting P plays from the current selection. Just discovered the Transport panel, and reading thru the Key Commands is quite a tutorial in itself :slight_smile:

I have to agree. After years of using Sibelius with a furrowed brow I feel completely different working in this app. It is logical to use and the underlying idea of flows and not imposing time signatures, for me as a composer at least, is very liberating.

I know it’s not perfect just now but, hey it’s version It’s where it’s headed to that interests me. Very much, in fact.

So, Daniel and co - THANK YOU

Best wishes,