A great video on mastering, to help fellow Cubasers.

OMG, so funny!
I haven’t had such a big laugh lately, thank you !! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Thank you for the tutorial. I understand my music must be louder than everything out…there.

Aloha, H,

Thanks for the link and laugh.


Watched the tutorial two times… I think I’m getting really good at mastering!

Wow, if this was all it took then I would’ve added “Mastering” to my resume years ago…! Will this be QBase’s new added Mastering suite, in 7.0.6? :astonished:

this guy rocks… and i thought Bob Katz is the master !!!

That was absolutely hilarious! What a great laugh, even my wife was laughing her $%^ off :slight_smile:!

Not very far from the truth, at least the way many people intend it…