A guide how to install VST2 x64 softwares in Windows x64.

A guide how to install VST2 x64 softwares in Windows x64.

Some installers continuously prompt the need to always install all the cheesy x32bit versions. Example NI installers wont let the user have the option to deselect all x32bit versions. So this is how I always install all my VST2 softwares. VST3 versions you don’t need to worry about this. VST3 is smart and use only the VST3 x64 versions in a x64 Host.

How to install x64 VST2 plugins.

  1. First of, create a new map in “C:\Program Files” and call it “x64 VSTPlugins”. on disk ----> C:\Program Files\x64 VSTPlugins

  2. In that new created “x64 VSTPlugins”-map you will place all x64 VST2 plugins in the future that you want install on your computer. Other 3part manufactories too that still use VST2.4 plugins.

  3. Create another new map inside that location “x64 VSTPlugins” and call it “Native Instruments” on disk —> C:\Program Files\x64 VSTPlugins\Native Instruments

  4. Now go to C:\Program Files\Native Instruments and create a new map called “VSTPlugins 32bit” ----> C:\Program Files\Native Instruments\VSTPlugins 32bit


  5. When the NI installer ask were to place all your x64 VST2s plugins. Prompted to the location —> C:\Program Files\x64 VSTPlugins\Native Instruments

  6. When the NI installer ask were to place all x32 VST2s plugins. Prompted to the location —> C:\Program Files\Native Instruments\VSTPlugins 32bit

    The beauty with this way of procedure and installation is that you are in control what the DAW host should recognized in your system.
    The DAW won’t know or recognized were all the VST2 x32 versions are placed on the disk. The only thing you need to do now once, is that in your DAWs like Cubase, SONAR etc. add the new x64 VST location, --> “C:\Program Files\x64 VSTPlugins” only so your DAW can find the x64 VST2 plugins.
    The x32bit location you don’t add or locate in your host at all.

Do this with all your 3 part softwares and plugins in the future. It would better if we can skip the x32version completely but until that day comes we need to continuously do it in that way. Like I said earlier, if you use VST3 version you can forget all about this. It handle all installation procedure automatically in a smart way. Many software manufactories provide VST3 formats today. I then skip installing VST2 versions completely.

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5 & 7 should be c:\program files (x86)\Vstplugins or something similar!

my wish is that my daw and my plugins will install and update automatically regardless of what OS version Im using…

ideally in a user specified folder that can hold all the required files to let them run so backup and restore is a breezw.

Problem is that almost every manufacturer of vst plugins has it’s own preference and defaults within it’s setup program.

Try to get al these parties obeying one standard…good luck with that :wink: