A&H GS-R24M MIDI Remote Issue


I’ve got a Allen&Heath GS-R24M Desk with Cubase installed on Win7.
While everything else works real great (transport control, channel faders, etc.) I don’t manage to assign the MIDI Rotary Knobs of the GS-R24 to anything via the Remote Control Editor. I can map them to things like channel volume in the device manager, but that’d be pretty useless.
I’d rather like to control plugin functions. Is there any workaround for this?



I would recommend you to don’t use the Generic Remote Device for the Rotary Knobs, but Quick Controls. Then, you can assign dynamically, what you want to control directly within the project, track by track.

If you want to control any plug-in by using the Generic Remote Device, you have to Insert the plug-in first. Then you can set Mixer > Track X > Ins. 1 Compressor > Attack, for example, in the Generic Remote Device. But as I said, the Quick Controls are much more flexible.

Hey Martin, thx for the opinion.

2 problems there:

  • rotary knobs won’t work in quick controls either
  • I would like to control the delay in my template. it’s always there in its own bus, i wouldnt want to have to select that channel everytime. I can route the aux sends from my desk to effects buses directly without having to grab the mouse; I have two layers of reverb on Stereo 1 & 2 returns in the desk, and would like to add similar control of my delay withour having to sacrifice channels AND being able to remote control delay time, filter etc.


Where is the Delay placed? Could you provide a screenshot, please?

Not quite sure if this is the screenshot you’re asking for?

Just normal Audio Channels,
Inputs Mono 17 & 18 are fed by Aux 1&2 from the desk, Signal then runs through the delay and then to main out.

Thx for taking time!


/e: Tried the delay in a “fx-channel”, doesn’t help.

Just found this post:

Postby sonicstate

Generic remote is not working with new channels strip parameters, no new parameters are included for Generic Remote. And the new Remote Control Editor for plugins is not working with Generic Remote, only with those few supported devices. So it seems to me after playing with c7 a bit.
Looks like a mess. Lets see what Steinberg has to say to this half baked remote pie.

Seems like that’s the answer. I don’t really understand why this is so, i would have expected more from steinberg…

Still thx a lot for your help!



The post above is about Channel Strip, but your Delay plug-in is in the Inserts. So it should works. Make sure, you Insert the plug-in first, and then try to use it in the Generic Remote Device.

hm not quite sure what you mean… the way i try to do it is

  1. create audio channel
  2. insert delay
  3. right-click on delay-plugin to enter “remote control editor”.
  4. assign my rotarys to a function of the plugin by activating “learn”-mode, selecting the plugin parameter, and then moving the rotary knob i want to map it to. but nothing happens.


The way I’m suggesting is:

  1. Add an Audio Channel.
  2. Insert Delay.
  3. Open Devices > Device Setup > Generic Remote.
  4. Learn the MIDI Message of your Controller in the upper part.
  5. Make an assignment in the lower part.