A&H ZED10FX wi Cubase 8, mic not showin, no playback sound

Hi, please help, new AI Allen & Heath ZED 10FX, I can’t get the mic in the line in 1 to show up on Cubase 8, its only picking up on the laptop mic. Am on a laptop running on windows 7, there’s no playback sound coming outa Cubase either, so can’t hear whats playing on Cubase. Befuddled & there’s not much on the net about it.

Sounds like you are using the wrong ASIO driver in Cubase. Install the ZED one if you haven’t already. Then in Cubase–>device setup, change the ASIOdriver to the A&H one.

Hi, cheers, yeah, thing is there’s no drivers for the ZED 10FX, it shows up as a device, not a soundcard & requires ASIO4ALL driver to run through see, as it doesn’t work as a soundcard. I was a bit confused bout this, you can apparently use them to record through into your machine, though I couldn’t figure out how to get it working on Cubase 8. So, I took it back to the shop & got a Focusrite Scarlett 18i 8 …soundcard… instead :smiley:, which is perfect for me, really excited about it, more diddy for going on the road with too & my other soundcard is in the fix it shop. :slight_smile: So, hopefully can do some recording this wknd eh!

Ah nice, I hope it’s smooth sailing from here on :slight_smile:
If not, we’ll be around!