A.I. Composer

I got an A.I. degree from Stanford and a music-technology degree from CCRMA. I graduated with academic honors. Then I had the honor of assisting at Seer Systems in the development of the Reality synth.

Since Seer Systems, I have been working independently, developing music-composing A.I. It’s the best-sounding A.I. I’ve heard, which isn’t surprising considering my background and the time I’ve invested.

Meanwhile, the internet has been invented, social media has arisen, half of society have been deemed “deplorables”, and we and our Presidents are censored from media. I am banned from Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, KVR, and Gearslutz (I mean GearSpace.com, because the world has changed).

If A.I. composes a beautiful song 500 years in length, but it is banned from social-media, does it make a sound.

If one toots his own horn, does it please the tooter? I think that is all that matters. Everything else is what it is.

You’re projecting or something. I don’t need to impress anyone here. I dated a billionaire’s daughter in my 20’s. You are not someone I care to impress. If you don’t care about Composing A.I., please ignore me. Do not throw attention at me and then blame me for your actions, because that’s what you just did.

If you do care about Composing A.I., you are in luck, because someone’s been working 16 hours / day on it for 20 years. That’s all I care about, not your insecurities or jealousy or whatever that was from you.

Yes, something.

That’s great!

Ummm … okay.

Who are you looking to impress? It really doesn’t hurt my feelings that I’m not worthy. Oh, silly me. I forgot …

From now on, I will certainly do just that. You’re welcome.

I blamed you for my actions? This one truly has me confused.

Luck has nothing to do with anything.

That’s right. I’m insecure, jealous, or whatever.

I think you missed the point of my post. You should be proud of yourself.

I didn’t miss the point of your post. The point was to cyberbully a stranger on the internet. If I don’t post my credentials, I get cyberbullied. If I do post them, I get cyberbullied.

The cyber-bullying from people like you drove me to threaten a mass school shooting. I was arrested, convicted, served six years it. Continued working on music throughout, and it afforded me a good setting for studying musical scores. Got out, and here come the cyberbullies again.

It never ceases to disgust me how insecure and jealous people on DAW forums get when I disclose the mere facts about my accomplishments in the industry. No wonder you’re a failure, if you have time for jealousy.

This is a very odd thread and quite worrying


I am banned from social-media, so I should quit worrying? Quit being rude and dumb.