A Key Command for toggeling the main Notepad on/off

Hi ppl! :slight_smile:

I’m in an intense period of writing songs with lyrics (who would have thunk? :laughing: ) and the least bad Idea to record them I’ve found is to have the lyrics in the Cubase main Notepad.
This works rather well except that I’ve now for the millionth time added a space character somewhere in the body of the lyrics instead of starting Cubase, or haveing Cubase started when I wanted to insert a space in the lyrics!!! :imp: :laughing:
Now, it’s not funny anymore!
I’d like to request a Key Command that just toggles the focus back and forth from the Project window and the Notepad window. I’m also tired of finding somewhere in the project window to click just to unfocus the Notepad to start and stop the song while I’m typing.
It might not seem like much of a problem but when you do that hundreds of times a day it starts to wear you down.

No matter what the Notepad is a great little utility inside Cubase! :sunglasses:
I just wish it was so under developed.
It’s like “look what the cat dragged in!” and then kick it off into a corner.
It needs some care … :cry:

Or some way to lock it “read only” I guess could work.
And while they are at it finally have the ability to add pictures for mic. positions and external fx recall.
Oh well one can dream :slight_smile: