A kindly requesting of more than 64 Fx Return Channels

Hi all,
I’m new here and I’m sorry in advance if I post this in a wrong section, I’ve just created this account just to post this as I really want to make this request, please kindly consider this!
So, I haven’t used/owned Cubase but I’m considering using Cubase in the very near future (I’m currently using Logic Pro and Pro Tools).
I plan to use Cubase for professional mixing and mastering mostly, because I find Cubase mixer is the best on the market at the moment, the only thing stops me buying Cubase is the maximum number of the Fx return channels. Cubase offers 8 Fx sends and 64 Fx return Channels, and I know that’s a lot and probably enough for most pop and light productions, but I wish it has more than 64 fx return channels (and maybe more than 8 Fx sends).
If Cubase developers ever see this post, I kindly suggest you considering extending the maximum number of Fx return channels in Cubase (maybe up to 128 or 256) and maybe the Fx sends too if that’s possible, but the amount of Fx Return channels is my request, this would make Cubase THE ultimate DAW for mixing and mastering, please consider this instead of competing with other DAW like Ableton (although it’s nice to do that) as Cubase has its own strength that no other DAW can ever compete with, and that’s is its mixing & mastering aspect.

Thank you and all the best,