A Larger than 5000 Bar offset

I score films that usually are quite long and constantly need to start at a bar number larger than 5000 and will need to offset the beginning bar to bar 1.

Why there is an upper limit of bar number offset? Is it possible to make it limitless?

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With respect, working with bar number 5000+ seems very odd and is likely to make your players and conductor scratch their heads, if you are writing an acoustic score.

If you are working with film, why not use ‘M’ numbers and start each of your cues at bar 1, with a SMPTE start time for each cue? E.g. ‘M1 Main Title’, ‘M2 (title of 2nd cue)’ etc. (2M3 - 3rd music cue of 2nd reel of film. Traditionally, a film reel lasted some 20 minutes).

In your DAW /Notation programme, have each of your music cues as a separate sequence, with its own tempo, its own staring meter and its own SMPTE start time, relative to the film.

I appreciate that you might be using bar offsets if your DAW /notation programme does not support separate sequences per project.

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I have the opposite problem. I do music for movie too and when I work on a music at the end of the film my bar number is often above 1000. When I want to print the score for musicians I can have first bar of the music at 1. Is there a way to fix that ?
Like manually input value for first bar of the score ?

Thank for the response. I believe I’m using the same process as you’ve described. A project for each cue. I’m fully aware it’s not a fatal problem and there are plenty of solutions. But still, a larger than 5000 bar offset would be handy to have.

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you use the bar number offset in project setting. but only up to 5000 bar.