A Life of Solitude -Arvin Nguyen

Hi All!

I originally started writing this piece for my orchestra the day before my high school was shut down for _ovid 19 (in March). Then I kinda forgot about it until a few days/week ago. I decided to finish this piece mainly because I wanted to improve my string writing!

As always, I would love some critisicm and I hope you enjoy! :smiley:


I like your piece a lot. It has a strong mood to it.

I was about the write the following about the dissonant part in the middle of the piece: “I didn’t like the dissonant part starting at around 1:04 - I find the chromatic rising theme in the background too disturbing (I suppose it is mostly the Vla in the notation), the chords or harmonies the violins play here sound good to me.”

After a few listens, however, I started rather liking the dissonant part (even the chromatic rising theme). I think this part gives the tune more depth.

nice,for some reason it reminded me of Charley Chaplain’s Gold Rush in which he was in a snowy mountain. Sounds are a bit harsh and sharp in my ears but that might be what you were going for this being about harshness of solitude and all but then again I would need to see the solitude to be able to enjoy this piece at home.