A list of FR id like to see

A list of FR reminder (most of them are listed somewhere in the FR section, so its kind of reminder bump ) there are many more, but that’s what comes to me for now

1: new gain envelope on audio events (automation like) and option to adjust multiple events envelope on selected events
2: option for tabbed plugin insert window follow track selection + Vsti
3: enhancements for range tool:
A: add range selection tool to key and drum editor
B: option to choose multiple ranges with range tool
4: move tracks in the mixer + color multiple selected tracks in the mixer + delete tracks from MC
5: save folder with its all content(group ,fx track etc…) as track preset
6: option to edit all midi events controllers lane(cc) when multiple midi event are open in key editor
7: DOP indication in what range a process was done on audio event
8: Studio one scratch pad idea in cubendo
9: multi track freeze unfreeze(also from mixer menu like in PT)
10: warp audio tool on project window + multitrack audio wrap audio
11: lock + unlock track commands for selected track and global for all tracks unlock + also for events(or add lock function in project logical editor )
12: pin selected tracks on screen, so when scrolling up and down in the project the pined tracks stay at place
13: gapless audio
14: expoert selected events also for cubase (a nuendo feature)
15: traditional VU meter on Supervision plugin
16: option for folder + group track combined (like in PT)
17: volume + pan controls on track header in project window + option to have inserts and sends also on track header (PT again)))
18: midi notes : adjust ends of midi notes and starts of following notes in one go (with key modifier)
19: drag and drop midi events to audio track to render
20: move already created articulation lanes freely up and down on lanes
21: Asio 3 - connect and use more then one interface at a time(at least steinbergs ones)
22: create and adjust fade curves on audio events with selection tool + on midi events
23: option to show and adjust track automation on event waveform
24: automation saved with mixer snapshots
25: render in place for external midi devices for more then one main midi channel
26: PLE+LE update with resizable window with more space for commands, and easier management programming it