A list of under-the-radar improvements in N8

How about we create a list of useful workflow features that users have found in N8. I’ll start:

  1. Hot plug Midi devices in Windows. Was not possible in N7 but turning Midi devices on/off or plugging/unplugging does not require a Nuendo restart. Very helpful for me.
  2. Channel output assign option when creating various tracks.
  3. The option to create Group tracks inside or outside the Group Folder…THANK YOU!
  4. Ability to Import many types of tracks from another Project, not just Audio tracks. Also very helpful.

Those are off the top of my head and I’m sure people have found others that are not in the marketing info. Please weigh in with those.

I don’t know what this means:

free handling and editing of the tempoinformations
improved ruler handling
free moving of continious automation events

More things I like:

  1. create more FX tracks at one time
  2. Drag & Drop with clip from Media Bay create new tracks
  3. Drum-Editor can show the note length
  4. Drum-Editor can show just used keys
  5. better note creating at the key editor
  6. Song-Position-Pointer stays at the position after changing the tempo
  7. better naming menü at mixdown menu
  8. cycle turn off and on by clicking at the ruler

Really great additions!

Nuendo 8 should have all new features included with Cubase Pro 8.5 and 9:




I couldn’t find VST transit.

And the function of copying parts by dragging at the right side with the mouse is still missing :wink:

“Save to a new version” will save me a lot of “save as…”

I don’t see anything different in #4. It just lists audio tracks just like the previous version.

It now includes MIDI and Instrument tracks as well in N8. Very useful to me.

Been available forever with Ctrl + Alt + S.