A 'lite' ver of Cubase for registered owners on the go.

I actually tried to do this with by wiring a USB socket into the base of a netbook where there was a hatch designed to take a 3G card, but the USB eLicenser was too big and I’d have had to break it open and take the circuit board out in order to make it fit. I wasn’t able to get a response from Steinberg as to whether this would be “frowned upon”, so I let it go.

The software eLicenser is another good option but at the moment you can only transfer a license one-way, from the soft-eLicenser to the USB but not back again.

This is the only thing holding me back to buy LE for ‘on the move’.
Of course I understand that I’m limited in plugins and track count etc., but LE should be able to load the full versions projects.


Steinberg have promised this for the “6” series, but they haven’t announced an “LE6” yet, nor have they indicated what if any other versions will become available.

Reaper. $40. Done.

You can have LE installed alongside full versions so drag and drop between them is cake re: compatibility. Full versions will open LE1 and LE4 .cpr’s, also.

One other thing is LE4 uses the soft e-licenser so you have to be connected to the internet to use it. LE1 uses none so it’s completely stand alone.

I bring all this up so if someone has a chance to grab LE1 somewhere they don’t pass it up.

Oh, one other thing, LE1 doesn’t have Use System Timestamp so if your MIDI interface requires it it could be an issue.

huh? just to get the reply code right. are you saying you always have to be online to use le4

I think that’s what he meant, that you only need to be online to set up the elicenser then you’re up and working. I think the reason he mentioned this is that some people won’t connect their DAW machine to the internet for any reason.

ya thats what I thought, thanks celtsound. and ya both my studio puters have never seen the net, thankfully theres the offline authoring

LE4 needs a connection at all times to use it. You can download the license to a USB key, but that defeats the purpose of this discussion.

I’m fairly sure that that’s not right.

I only used it a few times and it was a year ago. [I’d left my dongle on the other side of the country]

From memory: you need to go on line to get an activation code - if you want to use it for more that 30 days. Once you enter the code something (unique to your computer) is written to the hard drive and thereafter you can use it where ever/when ever you want - regardless of internet connections.

I’ll fire up my lap-top as soon as I get a chance to check.

It still doesn’t address the compatibility thing though.

If you need a guide track based on a C5/C6 project: you could export a wave file (or however many you need) and then import into the LE project. … but that’s starting to get messy and doesn’t address the availability of LE.

It’s hardly ideal to have to buy a new interface just so you get access to “free” software … which may still have compatibility issues.

Hey: the one dongle “super licence” thread on the old forum started on the Cubase page and was moved to The Lounge. Now one licence allows access to all smaller versions.

Don’t give up the fight! [I say “fight”, of course I mean good natured debate which will lead to a better featured, more user friendly product!]


And debate we shall – good-mannerly unto the death! :laughing:

that would be helpful for me please, I’m trying to decide whether to install le4 over my le1. my studio puter where I want to use le4 will never be hooked to the net

OK: I powered down the home PC, switched off the modem and router. I even pressed the wee button on my lap-top that disables all wireless devices. That puppy is now off the grid.

CS4 wouldn’t start - no dongle plugged in, neither would C5.

LE4 started and ran at the first ask.

It took half an hour to get that image attatched!! … maybe I should have left the cork in that bottle of Laphroaig untill after I’d posted!! :mrgreen:


thats some darn nice scotch.
thanks so much mate, thats great news. have good one

Recorded on a Zoom H4, mixed and mastered in Cubase le4.




Yeah, but could you record, add tracks or save? :wink:

:laughing: thats the best recording I’ve heard all day, thankyou…don’t if I do, cheers!

Oh ye of little faith!

[Edit: My Laproag “track” was done on a dongle less le4 machine and Crofter also says it works fine for him (at the end of page 3)

It works fine without a dongle and without an internet conection. A software licence is stored on your hard drive.



Yup. Hey: it’s a special occasion: it’s 4month and 14 days since my 47th birthday! That’s the sort of thing that you really have to celibrate! :mrgreen:


this is getting more interesting than the american idol thread :mrgreen: now I do need that drink