A little bug - Cubase 11

I just noticed the following issue with cubase 11.
I use the “cloner” plugin , on a “backing vocals” bus.
If i bypass the plugin for some reason , every track that is routed to this bus, gets a good amount of latency. If i turn on the “constrain delay compensation” function , it’gets fixed.
That’s what i wanted to report!
Have a great day y’all

I highly doubt that…
turning on “constrain delay compensation” will introduce latency… since it is exactly that, turning off latency compensation

doesn’t sound like a bug in the first place…

But why would a plugin introduce latency while it’s bypassed?
The “constrain delay compensation” fixed it tho :stuck_out_tongue:
I could post a video of the thingy but i need to ask the artist that i m mixing and meeeh :stuck_out_tongue:

Because it’s still doing its processing. So you can toggle it on and off without interrupting the playback. Try to disable the plugin instead of just bypassing.

you can rebuild it with other content if it’s a bug…