A little cosmetic request…

As obviously, the track header symbols have been taken care of, in the last 13.0.30 update, I would suggest for 13.0.40 a little UI graphical improvement. Instead of having this, for the Inputs/outputs channels display :


I would like to see that, which IMO, both, is more logical and, more important, would ease the distinction between Inputs and Outputs :


And the same FR for the Input/Output tracks display in the MixConsole, if possible. Not a big deal, granted, but well… It’s the weekend and I’ve been often wondering why this hasn’t been done from the beginning. Maybe there is a rational explanation…


much better.

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Instantly understandable.

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Such a shame they’ll never use this.

Definitely better.

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Great catch @cubic13! Makes perfect sense.

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That’s a great idea!

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The idea is, in fact, so great that it was already present in Cubase 12:

I think it is time for the world to learn about the German word “verschlimmbessern”, which translates to make something worse when trying to make it better. Steinberg seem to have drawn inspiration from this word when going from 12 to 13.

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I admit that I don’t even remember having seen this in C12. So, fingers crossed : hope that there will be an improvement of some kind, in the next update, even if it’s not the end of the world if there isn’t…

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Do the input and output icons not both depict the same thing if they are just mirrored?

Edit: I did not see that all of the arrows point to the right.

If they were mirrored they’d depict the same thing. But they are not mirrored and neither is anybody asking for this to happen.

In addition to what Johnny wrote there is also the idea of signal flow. Timelines flow left to right. Text flows left to right. Traditional recording and mix consoles flowed left to right (inputs left, then their destinations to the right). So with that thinking the arrow is be the signal and the bracket is either source or destination depending on which side the bracket is on.

That is a cultural thing. The flow of the text depends on the area of the world that you live in. It is not universally the same.
Just saying…

I know. For those in the west it is true though and it is a German software after all, with all competing software also being western, with all original documentation in English or German. So within the context of what it is it makes sense.

But yes, of course not everyone reads left to right.