A little cue "hack"

Hi there,

I just wanted to share with you a little “hack” that I used to create a combined staff with dynamic voices from two single staves. I had to adjust a few options, but once it is set up, it works pretty well. I think, it’s not a long way from the current cues implementation to a full-featured combined staff feature…

Here’s the Dorico file for you to play with:
creative cues.dorico.zip (628 KB)

Wonderful! You’re absolutely right: I believe you’re anticipating what will eventually be natively implemented in Dorico as a solution for automatic condensation, which would be built upon the terrific cue system already in place. We can do a lot already with not much hassle, as you show, albeit we do have to create a separate player for now. Thank you!

“In 25 words or less”, could you explain the steps? I’ve been mulling this over lately and haven’t come up with anything workable. For example, I want to combine a Flute 1 stave and a Flute 2 stave into a combined Fl. 1/2 stave for the score.


Hi Bruce

Have a look at the attached file (change the extension .zip to .dorico and open with Dorico). Below is what I did. As you’ll see there are limitations to what you can achieve with this method.

Create Flute 1 and Flute 2 and input the notes (some Force duration needed in this example).
Create an extra Flutes part and add cues from each of the two flutes parts.
For each cue enable “Start text” and leave the box empty of text.
For the Flute 2 cue enable “Voice direction” and choose “Force stems down”.

In Engraving Options > Cues > Design set “Cue note scale factor” to 1
In Layout Options > Players > Cues choose “Show cues”.
In Notation Options > Rests > Rests in additional voices > “Bar rests in cues” choose “Omit bar rests”.

I leave it to you to add the trills.

Can’t wait for the real thing.

More than 25 words!
Bach Magnificat Esurientes 2 flutes.zip (713 KB)