A little error - it may lead to confusion for some

TL;DR - Steinberg, could someone correct the code label description on this page (see below) to say ‘Download Access Code’ please.

I just went through purchasing the update to SpectraLayers Elements 9 from SL Elements 8. Working through the process in the Steinberg Online Shop, you finally get to the ‘Done!’ page. Now, you might (as I did) skip quickly to hit the ‘Download Now’ button, which results in opening yet another page (My Downloads) :-

But that code presented there is (incorrectly) labelled ‘Activation Code’.

Seeing that and not quite having my wits about me, thought, ‘Oh, maybe I should launch my eLCC first and activate the license there, before downloading/installing.’

Maybe, I guessed, this one’s not fully moved to the new Steinberg Licensing after all and there’ll be a voucher thing appearing in the MySteinberg account page, soon enough… Like they did with WaveLab 11.1

So I opened my eLCC and copied/pasted the code from that page above into ‘Enter Activation Code’, only it wasn’t the correct length - so started going all ‘what the heck steinberg.!?’

Then I thought I’ll double-check the email Order Confirmation (where they usually include an Activation Code to go with it - well, as they used to with the ‘old’ License system). Bingo.! It was clearly stated right there as a ‘Download Access Code’.

So, opened and followed the usual Download Assistant process of ‘Enter Download Access Code’ button, resulting in an ‘Activation code’ popping up in the next box and then upgrading my eLCC from there (and onwards to Activate the new app in the Steinberg Activation Manager).

Which is all fine, since I’ve done that before with C11 → C12.

Anyway, all of which might send some unsuspecting others hitting this, down the rabbit hole, into a minor meltdown when they fail and get stuck, not knowing which way to turn, etc, etc…


Yep ! I went through exactly the same process - sloppy really considering the variables and why they apparently exist. :grinning: