A little extra panel for User Buttons like in C5 VST32

All of a sudden I remembered a little feature I never used in Cubase 5 VST32 … yeah, that one! The really old one like colored Cubase Atari! It was packed with nifty features I still wish could come back.

One of them was a small floating panel, like really small, with a 5x20 grid with buttons, and each button wasn’t much larger than the “arm record” button, probably smaller. The thing was you could assign your own functionality to those buttons and if I remember correctly as you add buttons the panel grew dynamically with it. At the time I had no use for it but now I’m poking around in Cubase 9 and I have a few commands I’d love to have visible on the screen.

for me personally, a low and high latency setting directly visible in the panel, direct monitoring on/off are on top of my head the most urgent but there are more.

I’d love to have that and also brought up to 2017 so it’s easy to edit and nice and shiny! :sunglasses:

Yes. On my Annual Request List since 2005.

Dear SB Devs: simply open Adobe Creative Suite and look at the Command Window (which lets users drag any function onto it). Can’t live without it. It’s like a painter’s palette for all the stuff you infrequently use, but can’t live without.

What I currently do (which SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKS) is open the Key Commands window, look up the key command (which I’ve forgotten), use it once, then promptly forget it again until I need it again 2 months later.

Yes, that sounds like something useful.

And some Key Commands are probably soaked in oil or something because they slide out of memory no matter what you do haha!!!

I have another tiny thing I thought about yesterday I’d like to have on this panel. A tap tempo function. Simple as dirt.


No, I mean it’s -literally- like a paint palette of your most frequently used functions. If you have access to Adobe CC sometime check it out. You drag buttons from other menus onto it just like a painter drags paints onto a colour palette. And then it floats freely so it’s available whenever you need it. Genius.