A little glitch on drag&drop Sends in MixConsole (C13.0.30)

It’s a little glitch, but very annoying if appeared more than one time per project. When drag&drop Sends rack, if there are two or more sends added, after dropped it on target track’s Sends rack, the new Channel pane in Main window shows only one Send.
Here is step by step:

  1. Add two Instrument or Audio tracks.
  2. Activate first track and add two sends.
  3. Activate second track.
  4. Open MixConsole and drag & drop Sends rack from the first track to the second track.
  • MixConsole shows both Sends, Channel Settings window shows both Sends, but the new Channel pane at the very left of Main window shows only first Send.
  • Activate first track, then activate second track - both Sends are in place.

The same happens on both of my machines - AMD Ryzen 5 and i7 11700KF.


It works for me here on my side (Mac).

Deja vu.