a little help please

I have C5.5.3 32 and 64 installed on Windows 7 64. I want C532 to be the default program that opens when I click on a cpr.

I right click on a cpr and select ‘Open with’ and then ‘Choose Default program’ and I navigate to the C/Program Files (x86)/Steinberg/Cubase 5 and I select the cubase 5 32bit exe, but unfortunately the 64 bit version opens? so something isn’t right here.

My workaround has been to open the C5 32 desktop shortcut first and then navigate to the cpr, but that takes longer. I want to just click on a cpr and have the 32 bit version open, does anyone have any suggestions other than uninstalling the 64 bit version?


Try going to Control Panel -> Programs -> Default Programs -> “Associate a file type or protocol with a specific program” and see what it says. You can change the program there.

Thanks for the reply. I tried that and it was still the same result… and what’s even more strange is I tried hiding the cubase5 64.exe in a zip folder and the result was I wasn’t able to open any cprs just by clicking on them, when I tried to associate them to the 32exe it defaulted to adobe reader and my cprs turned into adobe looking files… It seems like when you have 32 and 64 installed windows only sees the 64, so I guess for now I’ll have to do it the long winded way by opening the 32 desktop shortcut and navigating to the cpr I want to open. :cry:

I’ve read on here about people having both the 32 and 64 installed and I guess this is what they have to deal with, I might just uninstall the 64 version until I’m ready to use it or maybe wait for when/if I update to c6, or 7…

thanks anyway…

I do remember some other thread about this same issue a few months back. Not sure if it was solved or how. If the Steinberg search won’t help you find the threads try the Google “site search” (link to it in the “Forum Issues” forum in a thread talking about how (un)useful the search is.
Best of luck.

:nerd: I figured it out, in case anyone else is curious, the last one installed will be the default that opens when clicking on cprs. As far as I can tell that’s the only way to do it.