A little help with "External Instruments" would be greatly appreciated

It’s been many years since I’ve needed to do this and I’m somewhat struggling at the moment. Windows 10

As far as I can ascertain at the moment, these Patchname-files for external Instruments are small text files that live in the Steinberg folder @ “Local © drive - Program Files - Steinberg - Cubase 9.5_64 - Scrips - Patchnames - inactive”

Cubase has a list of such files, as shown in the attached Jpeg, only one of which is of any use to me: Yanaha AN1x. Now, the last time I did this stuff, many moons ago, I used a site from from where a far greater selection than Cubases’ stock bunch and could be downloaded for free. I’ve been known to miss the obvious but do you think I can find it now?

So, I have the Yamaha one which is dandy. Ideally what would be awesome to get now are the following: KORG E-R 1 - Dave Smith Mopho - and Novation BassStation, the original mono one and the last truly analogue bit of kit I own, apart from maybe the Korg Drum Machine which is mostly analogue.

So, if anyone can help with that at all, a link or whatever, then, fair play to ya! And thanks for taking the time to read my post.

All the best.


Grim, nice one. Thanks mate!

Fantastic! Just got everything I want from that site.

There is a small little program where you can make your own patch list I forgot the name of the it might be on Steinberg website archive

That would be useful. Never heard of that.

It’s in those links

Just had a look. That must be : MIDI DEVICE SCRIPT MAKER V1-02 - Could be useful, I guess, if you have an external dives that isn’t listed among the downloadable scripts.