A little help with Track Volume Automation

I’m a bit of a noob at this, so bear with me :slight_smile:

If I have volume automation applied to a vocal track to make it go up/down with the music, but later I realize that the whole of it is too high/low to begin with, I need to make an overall volume adjustment on that track’s fader. How do I do this?
If I do it on the track itself, the fader just bounces back to the level it is being set at by the automation line. Do I have to have a buss (or group channel) set up just for the purpose of doing this independently?

I hope that makes sense.


Put automation into trim mode.

You can select all the automation points in a section – by drawing a selection rectangle around them – that you want to adjust, which gives an overall handle at the top, with which to change them all at once.

With our tracks, I use automation to sculpture the instruments around the vocals for each note, and then adjust relative levels for verses and choruses in this way. This works because we have few instruments, as more complex pieces would have sub-mixes, which could be manipulated in the same way.

Could you expand on this, please?

[u]>>This might help<<[/u]


“When enabling Trim on the Automation panel, a trim curve is positioned in the exact middle position of your automation track. You can use the trim curve to modify the original automation curve. Just drag the trim curve up or down and add automation events to it. These increase or decrease the values of the original automation curve, but allow you to preserve the original data.”
See p.291 of the manual for more details.

Trim is too fussy for my caveman sensibilities. I simply put a gain plugin in the 4th slot and automate it, leaving the main volume fader free for overall mix level.

(I’m using the free, FreeG gain plugin for the purpose, but there are many others that work just as well.)