A little help...wondering if this macro is possible?

So… you have vocal track…a bunch of lanes, cut up into lots of bits. And a comp made up of bits of those from all different lanes.
Is there a macro that would select all those bits that are part of the comp?
I know the easy way is to ‘delete overlaps’, but that gets rid of everything other than the comp. And I like to use what’s remaining for unisons (or to just keep on another track as backup in case I need to change sometihng later).

At the moment, I have to cmd click each little part of the comp individually and then drag them to another track. But it’s a bit of a painful process when the comp can be made up of parts as small as individual words.

It’d be great if there was a keyboard shortcut to simply select everything that’s being used in the present comp. I’m guessing there may be a way using a macro, but I can’t figure it out.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


I don’t know, why do you want to select all used bits. Could you explain one more step further, what do you want to do after eight it, please?

Could Bounce or Render in Place help for your scenario to get only used bits (and make one file out of them), for example?

i use track versions for this,i will comp then duplicate version and then use the delete overlap on one of the versions. now if i need other recorded part for any reason i have it on the other track version.(u can of course also duplicate the all track if u need)

The reason I want to select them and move them to another track is so when I start comping unisons, I don’t use anything from the comp accidentally.

I like this idea. Never used track versions. just a new workflow I haven’t tried as yet.
But this still leaves the original comp in the other track version. It’d be nice to find some quick way of moving (rather than copying) just the comped parts to another track (or track version)