A little help..

So i recorded this song (Silver Lightning) about a year ago on sx3 and never mixed it…i decided to import it to C6 and give it a mix but my ears and room are fooling me level wise and i cant quite get it right…IMHO i think it sounds week…would any of you guys please give it a listen and cast a coment back to me on hear about levels and what you think could be further forward in the mix.

please be mindfull this is not a finnished mix nor is it a master Its im mp3 on the site.i mixed it twice and just keep ending up with it sounding great in my project studio but when i try it on my internet pc or in the car it sounds diffrent never realy had this problem before??..just realy could do with some other better ears/mixers than mine’s opinion on it.

be kind peeps :slight_smile:


Greetings Andy,

Nice song!

It sounds very good here. I am having a hard time finding anything that stands out needing correction. If there was anything, and I’m not entirely sure it’s needed, there may be a couple of spots where the acoustic guitar level could come down about 3db; not the entire track, just a couple of spots. But the guitar sounds good, the tone is pleasing and it’s well played and well recorded, nice and clear.

I used to go into Borders, before they went out of business, and listen to the CDs on the headphone listening booths. I found a lot of great music that way. If I were to have heard Silver Lightning there, I’d have purchased the CD on the strength of that one song. Yes, I would.

Best Wishes,

Sounds great on my system. I’m with Swamptone.

Hiya Andy. Pretty good stuff. The acoustic is too loud in places and your vocal gets buried at times. Mix and arrangement is otherwise very good :sunglasses:


Have to agree with Phil. Acoustics are too dominant … but maybe not too loud. I would just cut 6dB or so from them around 400-500Hz with EQ (low Q), then check if vocals are still buried and adjust them, if needed.

nice, great song!

I concur with Nick, I’d buy a CD of yours today if you had one

You also have some nice stuff on youtube

Hi guys

Thankyou for taking the time to listen to my song i realy appreciate the kind words about it. :slight_smile:

ok what im going to try when i next work on it is the low end cut on the guitars and see what kind of diffrence it has.

could any of you please let me know what parts you thought the guitars were dominating i have heard the track so much now this is half the problem im having im very use to it now.

Big thankyou for listening and helping me out.

When i finnish my Album if anyone wants one your welcome to a copy