A little improv on the uke

Psy inspired me to pick up my ukulele (a crappy one) which I haven’t been playing for years :wink:
Every sound is the ukulele into a software sampler. Except for the backing chords and improv.
The playing is pretty sloppy, but I had fun :smiley:
Hope you like it.



I sure did! Excellent! :smiley:
I thought that was really good! :sunglasses:

Maybe too short??? I could have easily handled several more minutes! :smiley:

That sounds amazing!
Did you extrapolate the sample to get that bass sound? Sounds really good!

Wow… just wow. That’s some really nice playing there man. You certainly put my meagre skills to shame. :slight_smile: Really nice tone to the lead line.

thanks for listening!
Since I’m from Norway, there are some english words I’ve never heard and “extrapolate” is one of them :wink:
I assume you mean like “tweak” to get the bass sound?
Anyway, I played it two octaves down and put some lowpass filter on it.
There’s a “synth” sound there in the beginning too, and that’s the uke reversed with delay and filter.
Technology is so much fun! haha

thanks man! And thanks for inspiring me to pick it up again :wink:
Holy macaroni, I had forgot how small that instrument is!
My hands almost crushed it, just playing it :laughing:

thanks for the explanation. :slight_smile: Extrapolating means editing the signal to make it sound outside the range of the instrument.
It sounds great, can’t hear any artifacts from the pitch drop. What did you use for that? Variaudio?

Thanks, I used NI’s Kontakt 5.