A little issue remembering the Last Rendering Preset

When I open a preset from the Master Section Presets star, down on the audio file, and the Last Remembering file name should appear the audio file name, as before.
I’ve to do this many times a day, so sometimes I’ve to open the Preset again, to make sure I’m opening the right one… :wink:

I don’t understand. Please explain in other terms or/and add pictures.

I load a Master Section Preset from an audio file, and then the file name should appear on the left side of the MasterSection that says Last Rendering… On some preview Wavelab versions it appears the preset file name on that spot…
I hope you understand now…

You mean, the preset name should appear in the menu at the bottom right, next to “Load Master Section Preset” ?

No, where it says Last Rendering, on the MasteringSection

Hmm, with WaveLab 11.2, I do:

  • Save Master Section Preset (in the bottom right corner) and give the name “Hello”.
  • I reset the Master Section preset
  • I call “Load Master Section Preset”, then the name “Hello” appears at the top of the Master Section section (where we see “Last Rendering” on your picture).

Don’t you get this?

No, it always appears ‘Last Rendering’

Ok, then I note this as a bug to check.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi PG,

In the V12 it stays the same issue… Could you check that, please?

This will be fixed in WaveLab 12.0.20.
But note that this already works if you save the preset manually. It does not work and show “Last Rendering” if you render while the option “Auto Save Master Section Preset” is enabled. WaveLab 12.0.20 fixes this.