A little part of a track just recorded is erased

I saw a few similar topics, looks like Cubase 13 and Sonoma are working on fixing something similar, like people is having problems in their mixdowns, songs with gaps. It happens to me too, when I mixdown a song the song has a gap, an unexpected silence in the song.
Also, when I record a track, and play what I recorded I see the track is complete, it has all its sound waves, but I hear a mising part, like a second, then I save the project and close it, and when I open it again I can see that where I heard the gap on the track that I just recorded suddenly there is no wave sounds in that little second, just a line.
It can happen in one track or in all of them, in the same spot, or in different spots. I can open a new project and start again and it will happen the same. But it doesn´t happen always.
What I am doing is just punching the missing parts, because doesn´t matter if I re-record the whole track, it will happen again, I think in the same spot. Anyways, there should be something easier instead of punching all the time it happens. This didn´t happen in past versions of Cubase. Latency? Software incompatibility?