A little Plugin Issue . solved

Hello Folks
Lately I have installed 2 new Plugins and they are shown in the Plugin Manager , but don’t pop up in the left side listing of location/folder and are not coming up in the channel’s insert plugin menu.
But they are showing and working fine in Wavelab 10. So, they are properly installed and activated.
Might be a .dll in folder thing? No idea, never had that before.
Maybe somebody knows what that is?
Servus, Big K

Hi, Big_K, old friend! :slight_smile:

Maybe you’re using a custom collection/sorting of plug-ins? In that case you’ll have to add the new entrances manually. Or they are simply black-listed by Nuendo.

Oh, and just to state the obvious: 32bit plug-ins won’t do. :sunglasses:

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The Dietz!!! It’s alive !!
Nah, those are off-the-hook 64-bit VST3 Plugs like Expanse and they are not blacklisted.
As I mentioned they work flawlessly inside Wavelab 10 on the same machine.
Mind you, those Plugins are placed correctly and work alright, too, within Cubase on my
homePC, where N11 and WL10 are also installed, but not yet tested with the plugs.
Dietz, my friend, how is life? Are you well?
All’s ok on my side…
Servus, Big K

Try rescanning the plug ins within Nuendo…

Done that a few times over. No change…
Re-installed Plugs in question, also.
I will dig into whereabouts of DLLs.
Found another FX that doesn’t come up. This one is from Plugin Alliance as a part of their
batch installer which installs over 100 plugs automatically w/o problems.
Well, I will figure this out… one way or the other.
I have a large hammer… :wink:

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I have some Plugin Alliance stuff. Will check here later to see if they are all there.

Hello Friends
This is just as ambarrasing as it is stupid. I have found out what the problem caused. Well, it wasn’t a „problem“ after all.…Easy to find, when you know where to look.
A colleague of mine did a mixing job on the maschine and generated a „New Collection“ folder in the Plugin Manager. He added all plugs and deleted a few he wasn’t using. Of course, he forgot to tell me and didn’t do a reset, either. Without noticing, I was henceforth working on this Collection folder which, of course, did not add newly installed plugs by itself. Hence those were not seen nor selectable in the channel menus. Is that stupid, or what ;-(
I am too old for this shit… Studio, anyone??
Servus, Big K

Ha, I must be stoopider. I’ve done this to myself before! No colleague to blame :smiley: :smiley:

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