A little rant about a splendid product :)

Oh man, am I tired of the superior drummer 2 avatar kit now?
At the same time extremely pleased with a thoroughly great product, but after finishing 21 songs for two different artists since September 2010 using the same kit with different mixing for coherence I feel I know that kits every sample in and out and backwards.
Not to mention I used the kit on my own songs before I got these clients (my drum sound was one of the reasons they contacted me)

Now I look forward to diving into Toontracks other expansions for my own egoistic pleasure.
Music City, Allaire, Hit Factory and Metal Foundry here I come :smiley:

Aah just had to say it. I can not promise never to use Avatar again but if I can help it I wont.
That was my 5 year rant, stay tuned for 2016

Kim :laughing:

I’m sure you’ll be ranting before 2016 Kim :slight_smile:

Hehe, well my last rant was about the gold-rush being over remember?
How we now have all we need at our disposal. No way to blame the gear anymore etc
I think that rant was close to 5 years ago :wink:

Hope all is well Paul, Kim :slight_smile:

Yeah cool here cheers :slight_smile:

Talking of blaming the gear, I’m aiming towards a more retro approach in the future. :slight_smile:

I’ve noted your use of that kit and it’s served you well.

Thank you… and it was not always because I wanted to… more like the clients telling me to do so.

Kim :slight_smile:

I picked up the NY vol.2 and Custom & Vintage SDX packs a month or so back. It’s amazing what some fresh sounds can do to spur some creativity and pull you out of a rut. Right now I’m waiting for my new J Design Vintage 1x12 cab to be delivered so I can try out the Eminence Black Mountain that showed up at the door today. I can’t wait. The house will be rockin’!

Agreed to the fullest extent!

I already have the vol 2 but I haven’t been able to really get into it yet because of paid work.
You just don’t change your gear in the middle of a cd production, to me if I were the paying artist, doing that would feel very un-pro and I would never record there again

Kim :slight_smile:

I’ve been using the Avatar kit myself quite a bit lately. Very natural sounding right out of the box.

Absolutely and since it’s so full and natural it is also so easy to tweak it into different shapes… even un natural shapes.

I love it I really do, I am just tired of it


The Nashville is also my preferred kit. Simple 5 drums with cymbals beautifully recorded. and that bassdrum? WOW
But the clients somehow thought the avatar kit looked cooler, hehe

I’ve made at least 15 songs using the Nashville kit for Runa, Silje and myself

I’ve heard that the music city expansion for S2 is the same as the Nashville ez thing only with more snares and in 24 bit… Can’t wait to lay my hands on it :slight_smile:

All the best, Kim

There should be a Trollstigen Kit :slight_smile:

What he said . Toontrack stuff does rock. Or funk. depending upon your chosen groove :slight_smile:

I’ve got one of these. I must set it up again at some point.

I’ve got the HH and Kick pedals for it as well. I got it for two reasons … space and I loved the feel of it’s pads.

Yup! . The big hassle with teh DK-10 previously was the hideous way of assigning stuff using two footswitches ( which I Replaced with two little push buttons on the back of it ) as it has no display like it’s big , and extremely expensive, brother. So yeah a learn function liek that on Superior is a life saver. :slight_smile:

I never used my Drumkat with VSTis as I could never get a low enough latency with my old dinasaur dual xeon computer. Now i’ve a got a Core7 quadcore supercomputer I can get stupidly low latencies. Which makes VSTi live playing a joy!!


(Sorry - I think I just had a “brains” moment).

What I meant to say was - I thought BFD was a great product and BFD2 absolutely stunning intil it started interrupting my workflow during the transistion to 64-bit. Jbridge fixed that with version 1.27 but why haven’t Steiny or FXpansion helped us BFD2 users?

I’m very cuckooed-off that FXpansion have openly stated there won’t be a 64-bit version.

I think I’ll go off and have a sulk. :cry: