A little song I wrote

This was going to go with a scene but the scene got moved to a place where it no longer fit so it is now in the “music not used”. It was an evac scene in the middle of a battle. I’m still learning Cubase 7, and still getting familiar with EWQLSO. Piano is Ivory II.


It’s very simple.

It’s very simple as you say…but that’s the secret behind a lot of good songs/instrumentals, this isn’t a song, it’s an instrumental and it’s a lovely tune, that’s what it’s all about ,well done…Kevin

This is probably a good idea for a song more than a finished song. You appear to have some good keyboard skills. I would work on creating an arrangement on this and give us something to hum after we’ve finished listening.

Hi StormyGal, thanks for joining in. Keep going. Good first theme! Put up more stuff as you finish it.

Beautiful piano tune, simple and sweet, nice to listen to. Only complaint, too short, I want to hear more! Michael.

I enjoyed listening, In description u stated it was project for scene so assume that is reason for short length. Was this the Ivory upright or grand? It has a few frequency that you could filter out to improve the warmth/mid-range of it. I’ve used Ivory and its a wonderful program

I was unsure why the piano didn’t continue after the strings took over or if that was done to complement the scene?
Nice stuff looking forward to hearing more, looks like you have a great rig to work with!

Thanks. It was for a scene. I used the German Studio D on it and adjusted the timbre so it would be more intimate. It was performed the way it was to complement the scene. I was actually trying to figure out a way to detune some of the unisons a tiny bit. I would have preferred to record my own Steinway, but setting everything up downstairs is a real hassle especially for something that short. And my piano is tuned strange – Valotti and @ A = 430. Now that would have really sounded strange playing along with the orchestra, even if I tuned the orchestra to 430.

Instrumentation and I, especially piano, are a strange pair. I have Meniere’s disease in my right ear and it affects the midrange frequencies. There are certain overtones that get distorted so I tend to like a very mellow C4-C6 range. When I was younger I used to like a brighter piano. And I’m about 60-80% (it varies) in my right ear. I can tune a guitar to my tinnitus. Don’t ask how I can even mix audio. I actually can do a decent job for an amateur.

By the way what are those frequencies?

I like the mood and the melody. It is indeed short but that is not to complain. :slight_smile:
However The incoming orchestra did strike me as rather immediate. Maybe some fading in would be more gentle for the melody, which is ( to my ears) solemn but fragile at the same time.

Greets, a fellow meniere suffering guy. Keep on doing music.

The main thing to work on here is using CC11 and/or CC1 to create a more realistic expression in the instruments.

But from a composition perspective you don’t just need to think about where your melody is going horizontally, you must also think about where the dynamic/expressive peaks in the melody are. I think writing in this process also helps when it comes to shaping the CC1/11 data in your DAW. Search Youtube for a guy named Mike Verta, he has some nicely explained 10 minute videos about this.

Good start with the piece anyway, I’d have liked the piano to have continued playing for timbre though, but I think if there were a better dynamic range that the absence of the piano in the second half really wouldn’t be an issue.

The end chord/note doesn’t really resolve that well and I’m pretty sure that it could be resolved better, in the context of film too, and remember that expression in emotion and melody is also about the dynamic expression as well as the notes themselves.

I thought that the melody was on the right tracks, but that it could be a bit more distinctive and filled with more emotion. But this is also partly due to orchestration too. Which is all just practice so I’ll say really nice effort and keep going. :slight_smile:

It is a nice piece. Good job!

Nice melody. The strings that come in on the last A come in too harshly. They need less attack.
Very much enjoyed that though :slight_smile: