A little stupid question..

Hi, I must have told Nuendo to open the media bay window by mistake . When rightclick to create a new track, audio, instrument, midi I always get just that. But all of a sudden this track preset window opens instead and now I do not know how to get rid of it and get back to just get the track I choose. It have to be some command I accidently have activated…

So… how to get back to the simple, just create track??

Best regards Micke.

if it’s what I think it is, click on the browse button, it toggles between a simple new track window, to a mediabay style browse.
This one got my boss recently, which is how i discovered it.


Hi, No it change to a simplified window but not the one I am used to…

  1. can you tell us what version you are using
  2. can you supply screen shots of what you have
  3. maybe describe what screen you are used to /want to see