A little thanks with 10.0.4

There are many things that I was hoping to see fixed/improved in 10.0.4 which haven’t been yet, but I’m sure many will be in 10.5.

That said, so far 10.0.4 runs totally smoothly and feels a bit “snappier”, subtly. And a BIG thank you for re-designing the export audio window – now it’s fantastic and pro. It’s the little workflow things like this (and the many others which have been mentioned in the forums here) that make a real difference for working day-in-and-day-out on Cubase, and I look forward to more.


+1. Yeah, I am a happy camper, too. Good release.



I’ve jumped from 8.5 straight to 10.04 so I don’t know what I missed in between in terms of sluggishness etc but this version is just amazing. Buttery smooth. I’ve never worked on a version of Cubase which is soooo silky smooth and fast to use. I don’t think even logic is as good.

Exactly my thoughts about the redesigned Export Audio Mixdown window - the new layout makes sense and I like it a lot. Little things like that put a smile on my face. Well done, good people at Steinberg - thanks :slight_smile:

If there will be more GUI/UX improvements like this in Cubase 10.5, I will be a happy upgrader.

I agree too, very happy :smiley:
can’t wait to see what else is round the corner :mrgreen:

I would like to see the Pool Window overhauled so at least we don’t have to suffer prefixed audio file names when there is nothing in the pool.