A little thing that bothers me

maybe this bothers absolutely nobody, but:

if I want to enter a key signature of B minor, I have to enter “b” lowercase into the popover. Typing “Bm” gets me nothing.

by comparison, if I want to have a chord symbol for B minor, I have to enter “bm” into the chord symbol popover. Typing “b” gets me B major.

? It’s a small thing… :slight_smile:


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Bothers me too, feels inconsistent.


@Elljay, I would guess that this is because key signatures are usually added less frequently than chord symbols. Not having to push the shift key in order to enter every major chord (i.e. C7, D6, Bb, etc.) in a project could possible be an “annoyance avoider”, so to speak. [Just guessing here.] Of course, once you have to add #, this requires the shift key anyway. I understand your issue with inconsistency, though. Perhaps key signatures could follow the way chord symbols are entered, but I wouldn’t dare to second guess programming considerations or design implementation here.


Let’s see if the discrepancy will ever be addressed. :slight_smile: