A little thing that bugs me

Yes i am having troubles with the the video initializing thing and will wait.
The other little thing that bugs me is the colour of Cubase 12 icons which are a drab dull blue.
When you have a folder with all of your song information in the icons look anemic .
xt to Can we change them to to good old red as they stand out more next the other things in a song folder

all the best

Can we change them to to good old red.


Hi JohnS, I quite like the new blue but anyways.

To change Cubase 12’ves icon, navigate to the cubase 12 installation folder, right click on the Cubase 12.exe and select properties. When in Properties select the Personalization tab. From there you should see “Cange icon”. It should open the default location for Windows icons but you should see a Browse button near/at the top so you can browse and locate Cubase 11’s installation folder and select the icon from there.

If you do not have Cubase 11 or lower installed, alternatively you could search for the icon online.

This is a recall from memory, so there may be other steps involved.Here’s hoping you get the gist.

Good luck.

Hi Prim

Thanks for the heads up.
I do have Cubase 11 thankfully as that is the only thing working.
No luck with Cubase 12. I think it is near to solving now as the developers are on it.
I like the red because it does stand out when you got other files in the song folders .
To me the blue looks washed out and pale .
Ok , i will follow your advice.

All the best