A little too much pluggs

How can I remove plugins from Wavelab but not lose them in Cubase? It seems to me that Wavelab scans the VST folders and includes everything in the plugin list, so there are instruments as well as useful plugins as well as non useable plugins for mastering. How can I get rid of unwanted pluggs in the Wavelab list?

Yes, in WaveLab you can hide certain plugins from being shown. You can also create a favorites list.

As you can see in my screen shot, in the Preferences area I have turned off certain plugins. In this screen shot I have disabled some VST2 versions of DMG Audio plugins so that only the VST3 versions appear in my plugins list.

For UAD for example, I’ve turned off all the guitar and bass amp simulations and other stuff I’ll never need in WaveLab to help clean up the list.