A little Wish List

It has been a fine week - working with this new fine Notation Program. Daniel asks for user feedbacks. Here is part of my WishList / ProblemList:

Doublebass sounds one octave too low.

KeyCommand for “Switch between Transposed or Sounding Score”.

MIXER: You cannot find out which instrument each slicer represents. – Unless you open the Sonic SE2 window .

PlayBack Issue: If you start in the middle of a Phrase, then there always is played forte or something, as if the phrase did not start with a ppp. Please let the play-machine read backwards also for e.g. pizzicato, mute, hairpin or ppp.

Score (write mode) follow the PlayBack Caret.

A stakkato or a tenuto over a tied note (for example over a barline) appears on the last end of the tie. It is reasonable. BUT. Ravel notate it on the first note in the tie. (Pavane). I would like this option.

Strange play-back problems. Sometimes a single note is omitted from the playback. Also after restart.

In a score, Dorico groups woodwind together with a bracket, and p.ex. clarinets also with a sub-bracket. The barlines go through all woodwinds. I use to choose, that the barline are separated. 2 flutes are “barlined” ¨together and 2 clarinets are “barlined”. (excuse me my strange English). It makes the overview much easier for the eye.

All the best
Arne Dich, DK

Thanks for your wish list, Arne. You can assign your own shortcuts for toggling between concert/transposing pitch on the Key Commands page of Preferences. You can choose whether staccato/tenuto are notated at the start or end of tie chains on the Articulations page of Engraving Options. We’ll try to address the other issues on your list as and when we can.

Thank you Daniel. The staccato option I didn’t notice before. You and your team really have thought on almost everything. - But I cannot find the toggling concert/transpose pitch in the Key Commands. (I have gone through the entire list, and also searched on the above words).

You’re quite right, Arne. Sorry for leading you up the garden path! I can see that those two menu items don’t currently appear in the key commands editor, for various boring technical reasons. We will do our best to address this for the forthcoming 1.0.10 update if possible.

“No problem”. There is always the possibility to use ALT-E and then I or H in the Write Window. And in the Engrave too.

Daniel. You and your colleagues really do a great job answering all the (important and unnecessary) Questions and Reply’s from interested, frustrated, ignorant and ambitious Dorico-users. Thank you to your all.

The double bass problem is fixed for the next update

Well, this is my current experience with Dorico 1.0.10 and double bass transposition issue.

I loaded the default string orchestra template, which calls the default HALion Sonic SE2, and it loads “Double Bass Solo Combi”.

When using HALion SE2 for VSTi and notating a double bass line in Write, whether MIDI keyboard, mouse or PC keyboard, a written E3 is heard as E1, and the written E2 is not heard. However, for playback it plays correctly, with a written E3 sounds as E2, written E2 sounds as E1.

When using EW Play 4.3.3, (EW SO Gold version, DB sample loaded is CBS BigSus.ewi) the pitch is heard at the correct octave, whether writing notation or playing the notation.


The incorrect pitch during note input is a known issue which is now on our list.