A live performance

I sorta got things started in Ian’s thread in the lounge, and didn’t want that thread to get hijacked,
so I’m starting a new thread here.

A few weeks ago we had my daughter’s graduation party here at the house, and since she loves Joey Eppard and ‘3’ (as do I and our whole family), I decided to hire him to play at her party. (they live less than an hour away in Woodstock, NY).
I was going to have him play a solo acoustic set, but then asked him how much more it would be to have his drummer come along. Once we agreed on a price, I asked if he minded if I sat in on bass for some songs. After thinking it over, they agreed - so I got to play with 3, though this was without their other, ‘heavy’ guitarist.
We had exactly 0 rehearsals. I learned the tunes off their cd’s, they showed up, and we played.
It was a real thrill for me to play with these guys. They’re absolute pros and real gentlemen.
Here’s a few clips from that day, with me on bass.
I was pleasantly surprised by the audio and video quality - which I shot with a Zoom recorder that I purchased
the morning of the party. http://www.engadget.com/2010/12/02/zooms-dual-mic-equipped-q3hd-camcorder-now-available-for-300/
I’ve gotten permission from the band to share these videos publicly.

Here’s one of their older, funky numbers
[u]Body Turn To Dust[/u]

a more recent, progressive tune:
[u]My Divided Falling[/u]

and a couple of rock tunes:
[u]Alien Angel[/u]


Thanks Doug. These -are- the guys from 3, without their bass player and other guitarist. That is Joey, however - their songwriter, lead singer and guitarist, and Gartdrum, their drummer.
You know of them? Their band is amazing - and they have made quite a splash. They toured the world with
bands like Dream Theater and Porcupine Tree on the Progressive Nation tour - and they just played a festival in
Quebec to 50,000 people - though I don’t believe they’ve done a big tour as a headliner.

No, I’m not in 3…yet. :smiling_imp: They were impressed with my performance, and asked if I was available to do some gigs around Woodstock. They do a lot of side gigs for extra money when they’re not touring, and work with some other players - so I told them ‘ANYTIME’, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed. :slight_smile:

Thanks, Mauri. Yeah, Joey’s got a unique style. Check out this solo acoustic number form their last cd:
[u]Lexicon Of Extremism[/u]

Nice one, they hiring you now? :sunglasses:

…if they know what’s good for them. :mrgreen:

I saw them with Dream Theater and Opeth a few years ago in Chicago… I had never heard of either 3 or Opeth but both bands blew me away. I didn’t know they were from your area. In any case, I was blown away by how tight you guys were for not even having played together, and it’s not exactly easy music.

I was wondering who “Katy” was :laughing:

wow lenny, thats just too fricken cool. you guys are jivin and you sure look comfortable around the frets with them. really enjoyed, and also kinda cool the drummer being right handed using his left hand for his main cymbal crashes. looks and sounds tight, oh how I want that cam.
congrats on your daughters graduation, proud papa!!!

Brilliant Lenny. I posed a comment at Youtube too :sunglasses:

Fast but not loose. The word ‘tight’ has come up twice and was the one that came to me too. I’m amazed and impressed that you did this with no rehearsal. Very well done!

Fabulous stuff alright. I don’t actually know who “3” are… :blush: but it must have been a major buzz to play with thee guys… AND at you’re daughters grad party too! Now THAT is one COOL dad! :smiley:

Awesome stuff Lenny!


This is just the kind of stuff I love. Great songs, great playing, well done! Thanks for pointing us to it.

Great music.
and you sounded like … a band!
Not like half a band and an extra guy.
Break a leg! :sunglasses:

Thanks for the views and comments, guys. I’ll reply to specific
Comments when I’m back at my computer on Sat.
Thumb typing is not my forte. :slight_smile:


Sweet! Nicely done, musically and fatherly! :sunglasses:

Killer, the drummer loved you! Great audio on that camera too, hope you get to play more with them…I didn’t know prior to this who they were but I went and listed to some great tunes by them and watched 3 on you tube. Hey so glad to hear how prepared you were :slight_smile: U are rock solid

I am struck by lighting… :astonished: you know how good this is… :open_mouth: .you are absolutely fabulous , i know you can play bass…now i am even more sure how good! :blush:
Ofcourse they where nice to you! They want you in the band…( i would!) :unamused:
Why are there people walking around in the background? they should be standing around with open mouth drooling saliva on the grass because of such good playing!
Well done my friend, deep admiration… :sunglasses:

Well I think it’s a case of HFJ if you did all that with no rehearsal.
He would agree, I’m sure.

Jaw-off-floor (maybe tomorrow) sign out.


Great stuff, Lenny! :sunglasses:

I didn’t know them, but Joey’s an incredible guitar player.

Thanks for sharing.


Lenny, baby! Killer chops, kudos. Listened to them all. :sunglasses:

Lenny Leeee, Slappin’ da bass! :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

Awesome stuff! :slight_smile:

Copy and paste this in youtube! :wink: :laughing:

Slappin Da Bass - I Love You, Man FULL High Quality (its about 2 and a half mins long)

…prepare to be Lennyified :smiley:

Great vid quality too!